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Zuccato Energia

From heat to electricity. Simply. Efficiently.

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A Wide Range of ORC Systems

  • Maximum versatility for all uses

  • Low temperature for heat recovery systems
  • Low temperature, high power potenza
  • Combined heat and power output
  • Designed for a long service at sea

Heat Recovery

Zuccato Energia's ORC modules are designed to efficiently transform low-temperature heat into electricity, making it possible to recover otherwise wasted heat, increasing overall efficiency of the systems they are connected to while obtaining important energy savings



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Zuccato Energia ORC modules can increase genset efficiency by generating electricity through waste heat recovery from genset exhausts and colling jackets,


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Zuccato Energia ORC modules can be used to recover and valorize waste heat from most industrial processes.

Primary Power generation from Renewable Sources



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In the world there are already several installations where Zuccato Energia ORC modules generate power in connection with boilers fueled by renewable biomass (e.g. pruning residues)


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Zuccato Energia, thanks to their low operational temperatures, are particularly suited to exploit "low-quality" geothermal sources (e.g. hot springs)


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Thanks to their low operational temperature, normal concentrator type solar panels are enough to create micro-solar power plants such as those already operating in Enna and Tunis.

Pressure Reduction

The P-REx (Pressure Reducing Expander) modules are designed to replace throttling valves in the task to reduce steam pressure in secondary steam lines, recovering the energy lost during the pressure reduction process as electricity : what was wasted energy becomes a valuable resource to be sold to the grid or used locally.

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Dozens of Plants Installed Worldwide

Some of them operating non-stop since 2012

We're manufacturers,
not just integrators

As such, we can supply both standard, "off-the-shelf" modules and modules tailored on the customer needs

Top Performance.

Several exclusive features give Zuccato Energia's modules top efficiency for their power range

High Performance
Even Under Partial Load

ORC systems by Zuccato Energia perform excellently even when thermal power input is below nominal values


At the client's side,

Pre- and post-sale 360° consultancy and instant technical assistance thanks to remote control via the Web


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