VegnaduzzoAzienda Agricola Vegnaduzzo

Manager: Azienda Agricola Andrea Vegnaduzzo srl
Location: Arzene (Pordenone, Italy)
Plant: 1 x ZE-150-LT power generation module
Application: Primary energy production in connection with a boiler fueled by chicken dung

Mappa Vegnaduzzo The core business of the  Vegnaduzzo poultry farm in Arzene is to raise broilers, i.e. meat chickens. They chose to solve their chicken dung disposal problem by burning it into a special boiler to produce overheated water which, in turn, is fed to an ORC system to produce electric power, thus taking advantage of the incentivated tariffs awarded by the Italian government to newly built small power plants fueled by renewable sources.

The system supplied by Zuccato Energia is a ZE-150-LT ORC power generation module, downgraded from 150 to 140 kWE for fiscal reasons,that operates using the heat generated by the boiler via an overheated water loop.

The ORC system is hosted indoors, in a dedicated room. As the client has a low-voltage connection to the power grid, the inverter system is hosted in external cabinets instead of on board the skid as usual. Another peculiarity is the use of an air cooling system (dry cooler) instead of the traditional evaporative cooling tower to cool the fluid in the condensation phase.

The fuel used in this plant is the so-called "pollina" (i.e. a mix of chicken dung, litter, feed residues and feathers). A recent court ruling has confirmed that this material must be considered as biomass and as such can be used to fuel renewable energy plants.
The use of this material to to produce electric power is very interesting with regards to performance and gives access to state incentives; it is, however, quite a dirty-burning biomass, so the plant was equipped with a state-of-the-art flue gas processing system which makes it conform with atmospheric emission standards.

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A general tour of the installation

A video of the system starting up as seen from the control panel. Please note the high system efficiency (shown below the label "Rendim.").