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In the list below you will find a selection of our commercial documentation, available for download in PDF format by clicking on the flag of the desired language.

We are making our best efforts to make sure that the documents are up to date : it is however possible that more recent versions are available. So, we advise you to contact our commercial offices to make sure you get the most recent version.

Company Presentation Brochure

Twenty-page brochure introducing Zuccato Energia, its technology and the possible fields of application of its products.
Includes concise data tables for the LT and ULH series products.

  Document Language Size
Brochure Aziendale Zuccato Energia icon pdf 25x25 ZE Presentation Brochure 3.2 Mb

Product Range Brochures

Introductory 4-pages brochures detailing each of the Zuccato Energia ORC product ranges, with main product specification tables for each product in the range. For ULH+ product range documentation, please contact our offices .

  Document Language Size
Depliant di Gamma - Serie ULH ULH Range Brochure 3.3 Mb
LT Range Brochure 3.3 Mb

Product Monographs

Detailed,12-page technical monographs of each ORC system by Zuccato Energia, with complete specification tables and dimensional layouts of the skids and ancillary systems.

  Document Language Size
Depliant di Gamma - Serie ULH ZE-30-ULH Technical Monograph 1.4 Mb
ZE-40-ULH Technical Monograph 1.4 Mb
ZE-50-ULH Technical Monograph 1.4 Mb
Product range brochures - LT Series ZE-75-LT Technical Monograph 1.4 Mb
ZE-100-LT Technical Monograph 1.4 Mb
ZE-150-LT Technical Monograph 1.4 Mb
ZE-175-LT Technical Monograph 1.4 Mb
Depliant di Gamma - Serie ULH ZE-175-CHP Technical Monograph 1.4 Mb

Product Brochures

Four-page brochures containing detailed data about selected single Zuccato Energia ORC systems.

  Document Language Size
Depliant di prodotto ZE-50-ULH ZE-50-ULH Brochure 0.8-3.3 Mb
Depliant di prodotto ZE-50-ULH ZE-150-LT Brochure 0.7-1.3 Mb

Contractual Documentation

Documentation related to contracts signed by Zuccato Energia, such as general sale conditions. Please note that document published here for download is non-binding and for informational purposes only.

  Document Language Size
Condizioni di fornitura General sale conditions 0.1 Mb



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