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ORC plants for biogas engines

Biogas is one of the most used alternative sources for the production of renewable energy and ORC technology can make it even more efficient.

The biogas supply chain uses a low environmental system and is powered by raw materials of local origin. It is characterized by the fact that it exploits the fermentation of animal or vegetable waste substances. This method is particularly used in large farms, where these residues are used to produce energy through a cogeneration unit.


To increase the recovery of thermal energy and increase the entire power of the plant, it is possible to install an organic Rankine cycle. Their introduction downstream of the motors, in addition to enhancing the overall electrical efficiency, introduces advantages in terms of reliability, minimum management costs and completely automatic operation, without personnel intervention.

Plant example: ZE-50-ULH module (gensets powered by biogas in Veneto)


One of the studies we carried out to insert one of our modules concerns a biogas plant in Argentina. Specifically, it consists of 5 JGS 420s from Jenbacher, each with 1.5 MW of electricity.

The total electricity production required by the plant is 6.8 MW of electricity. Our proposal is to recover the thermal power available to the exhaust fumes of the cogenerators and maximize this waste by feeding our ZE-400-LT module.

Each cogenerator supplies 567 thermal kW from its own exhaust fumes and thus multiplying by the 5 cogenerators at our disposal we obtain 2.835 thermal kW increasing the efficiency of the entire plant by 6,2%.

This solution therefore makes it possible to safeguard environmental sustainability, recovering the waste otherwise emitted into the atmosphere and at the same time increasing the electrical efficiency of the entire plant.


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