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Recovery from special waste

ORC System – Recovery from waste treatment

ORC system produces electricity from heat recovery in the treatment and disposal of waste.


Energy recovery takes place from the recovery of the exhaust fumes of incinerators or engines powered by the biogas produced by the waste itself.

One of our ORC systems has found application in a waste management plant and uses the waste gases of the incinerator.

An incinerator is a waste disposal facility that works by destroying inert materials. In practice, the waste is burned or, as the word itself suggests, “incinerated”. The fumes deriving from combustion must be adequately monitored and filtered and can be used precisely in the Organic Rankine Cycle.

The heat recovered from the incineration processes is converted and used to generate electricity.

Our ZE-200-LT ORC system is applied by recovering 2000 kW of thermal power. In this way, the waste treatment plant manages to dispose of its waste and at the same time produce clean electricity without CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.