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Company Data
As required by Art.2497 and 2250 Italian Civil Code c.c. and Art.42 Italian Law 88/2009

Company Official Denomination : Zuccato Energia Srl
Legal Seat: Via della Consortia 2, 37127 Verona – Italia
Certified e-mail address (what’s this?) : pec@pec.zuccatoenergia.it
Tax Code / VAT number
Economic Administrative Repertoire (REA) number: VR – 347467
Trade Register Number (Verona Chamber of Commerce) 02117430187
Social capital:
€ 10.000 entirely paid.
Liquidation Status:
The firm is NOT being liquidated
Sole Shareholder Status:
The firm DOES NOT have a sole shareholder
Subordination Status:
The firm is NOT under the control of any other company

Legal Disclaimer
Liability disclaimer regarding site content

All information and images (“The Content”) contained in this site, zuccatoenergia.it (“the Site”) have an exclusively informative purpose.Zuccato Energia undertakes any possible effort to make sure that the Content is accurate, correct and up-to-date; that notwithstanding, the Content may contain technical errors, typos, or be out of date, so it must be considered as indicative and non-binding; Zuccato Energia does not give any guarantee, express or implied, regarding it.

Zuccato Energia reserves the right to modify, correct and update in any moment and without notice, both the Content and the products it refers to. In particular, Zuccato Energia will not be liable for the accuracy, completeness, adequacy or timeliness of the Content.

Zuccato Energia has taken all reasonable measures to protect the integrity of its Site; However, by using the Site, the visitor acknowledges that no computer system is 100% hacker-proof, so Zuccato Energia won’t be liable for any damage, direct or otherwise, consequential to the use of the Site or for any malware or computer virus it may have been infected with and passed on to the visitor’s computer equipment.

Zuccato Energia reserves the right to suspend the functionality of the site, in whole or in part, without any liability arising from it.

The Site may contain links to third-party sites, the content of which is independent from Zuccato Energia, which – holding no control over it – will have no liability for it.

Privacy Policy
Pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 196 /2003


Any data (e.g. name, e-mail and postal address, phone number, … ) you communicate to Zuccato Energia, through the Contact module in this site, using your e-mail client or otherwise, will be inserted in our company’s Customer Relationship Management System for the purpose of sending you commercial informations regarding the subject you are interested in and keeping track of those communications.

  • Data may be processed for statistical purposes in aggregate form as well.
  • Conferring data is optional, but required to receive any further commercial information.
  • Collected data will never be sold or communicated to third parties, with the only possible exception of Zuccato Energia submitting anonymous technical data to 3rd party suppliers when strictly required for technical component selection for the purpose of giving you a correct and up-to-date economical offer.
  • All personal data will be treated pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree nr.196 of June 30, 2003 (Italian privacy code) and as such will be treated by Zuccato Energia with all respect due to the client’s rights, fundamental freedoms, personal dignity, privacy and personal identity, in particular regarding the dispositions of art.10 (data management) and art.13 (data deletion) of the forementioned law.
  • Titular entity for data treatment is Zuccato Energia, via della Consortia 2, 37127 Verona – Italia.
  • The appointed privacy officer for Zuccato Energia is its CEO, Mr. Alessandro Zuccato.
  • You are granted all rights contained in article 7 of the aforementioned Privacy Law,. In particular, you may ask to receive no further commercial communication from Zuccato Energia by sending an e-mail to info@zuccatoenergia.it, explicitly asking so.

By sending us any communication you acknowledge all of the above, and give your consent to the aforementioned treatment of your personal data.

Cookie Policy
Pursuant to EU directive 2002/58/EEC and the GDPR

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