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Optimization of methane gas pressure reduction.

Gas expander Zuccato Energia

The Zuccato Energia Turboexpander is the solution to improve the energy efficiency of industrial plant by exploiting the reduction of gas pressure from the supply level to that required by users.

This system is suitable for industries with volumetric flow rates of natural gas from 1800 to 21000 Sm3/h and inlet pressures up to 50 bar. The electric power range is between 35 and 250 kW.


Gas pressure regulator

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Technical Specifications

Specifiche d’unità ZE-50-G ZE-75-G ZE-100-G ZE-150-G ZE-200-G ZE-250-G
Power output 35-50kWel 35-75 kWel 75-100 kWel 75-150 kWel 150-200kWel 150-250 kWel
Inlet pressure ≤ 50 bar
Pressure rating 35 / 75 bar
Preheating: Energy source Hot water 80°C
Required thermal power ≤80kWth ≤100kWth ≤155kWth ≤215kWth ≤280kWth ≤350kWth
Mass flow of natural gas 1800 ÷ 4300 Sm3/h 1800 ÷ 6400 Sm3/h 3066 ÷ 9000 Sm3/h 3066 ÷ 12810 Sm3/h 6100 ÷ 17120 Sm3/h 6100 ÷ 21350 Sm3/h
Rotational speed up to 45.000 rev/min up to 45.000 rev/min up to 32.000 rev/min up to 32.000 rev/min up to 25.000 rev/min up to 25.000 rev/min


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