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Zuccato Energia has a convention with primary leasing firms through which it is able to formulate monthly payment leasing plans from 12 to 60 months, tuning the instalment amount so that it is covered by the savings obtained from operating our turbine ORC module(s) - in practice, the plants pays for itself, without weighing on your firm's finances.

Operating Leasing

Zuccato Energia also offers operating leasing plans for its turbine ORC systems, lasting from 12 to 60 months, during which the instalment amount covers not only the payment for the ORC system, but also all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance costs for the plant. In this case too the instalment plant is calibrated so that each instalment is lower or equal to the pro tempore savings of the plant.

Deferred payments

Following a positive evaluation of the client's credit rating, payments for Zuccato Energia's turbine ORC modules can be deferred up to 5 years, with six-monthly payments via promissory notes for amounts up to 65% of the price of the turbine ORC system.

E.S.Co. Formula

Zuccato Energia can formulate financing proposals using the E.S.Co. formula, in which plants based on its turbine ORC modules are realized according to the client's specifications through an Energy Service Company, in part or totally, after defining with the latter a technical management contract of varying length with a financial counterbalance in the client's favor; At the end of this contract the client will become the actual owner of the plant.