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Geothermal heat is an inexhaustible, constant form of energy coming from the Earth’s own molten core, and its temperature grows in direct proportion to the depth one drills below the earth’s surface.

By inserting a thermal collection system in an existing hot spring or injecting cold water in an ad-hoc thermal well drilled in an appropriate spot on the earth’s surface (see schema at right), it is possible to obtain a hot or overheated water flow with enough flow rate and temperature to operate one or more of Zuccato Energia’s ORC modules.

Organic Rankine cycle modules by Zuccato Energia, as a matter of fact, offer an exclusive range of technological refinements that makes them especially suited to exploit “weak”, low temperature heat sources, without the need to resort to complex and often difficult to manage systems.

For this reason, by using Zuccato Energia ORC systems it becomes possible to tap the heat of colder hot springs or to exploit geothermal wells far shallower than those required by competing high-temperature steam-based systems.

The exploitable sources include:

  • Hot springs having a temperature above 94°C;
  • Volcanic heat wherever temperatures are higher than 150°C;
  • Geothermal wells purpose-drilled to obtain a return temperature above 94°C.