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High efficiency ORC systems for
transform heat into electricity

We transform unused power into clean electricity

Zuccato Energia’s (ORC) systems efficiently transform the heat generated by industrial processes in a source of clean electric power you can immediately use in your firm


Thermal recovery

The ORC modules from Zuccato Energia make it possible to recover heat with high efficiency that would otherwise be lost and convert it into electricity even at low operating temperatures.

Thermal Engines

Diesel engines are able to transform less than 33% of the energy contained in the fuel into mechanical energy. The remaining energy is lost in the form of heat. The ORC modules of Zuccato Energia allow you to exploit the waste heat transforming it into clean electricity. This waste heat can be recovered at various points:

  • Exhaust fumes;
  • Cooling jackets;
  • Oil cooling circuit (for large engines and marine applications).
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Heat Recovery from Engines

Industrial processes

Zuccato Energia’s ORC modules can transform low-temperature heat into electric power, enabling the recovery and exploitation of unused – or even unwanted – waste heat. It becomes possible to recover energy from most industrial processes involving heat, such as:

• Furnaces and kilns;

• Boilers and steam generators;

• Ovens, driers, smokehouses, frying vats and incinerators.

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Heat Recovery From Industrial Processes - ORC systems


Primary production of energy from renewable sources

Zuccato Energia's ORC modules enable the generation of environmentally friendly electricity using renewable heat sources.


Zuccato Energia’s ORC modules may be used in conjunction with biomass-fueled boilers (burning e.g. wood chips, pruning residues, woodworking residues) to produce electric power.

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Thanks to their low operating temperature, Zuccato Energia’s ORC systems are ideal to exploit geothermal sources such as hot springs, volcanic heat, or geothermal pits for electric power generation.

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Thermodynamic Solar

Zuccato Energia’s ORC systems combine low operating temperature with excellent performances under partial load, making them the optimal choice to produce electric power using simple thermal solar panels.

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