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Scheduled maintenance services:

i.e. periodic inspections, checks, programmed spare parts substitutions and software updates to make sure your Zuccato Energia system always operates at top efficiency.

Unscheduled maintenance services:

quite simply, if it breaks, you call us and our technicians come and fix it, taking care of all possible malfunctions and failures.

Full-service maintenance:

the payment of an annual forfait guarantees both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance with a fixed down payment that simplifies accountancy;

Personnel training:

Zuccato Energia ORC modules are built to run mostly without intervention on the customer's part, and an extended start-up phase is performed by our personnel, working side by side with the client’s employees, thus giving them a hands-on field training. This ensures that the client’s personnel acquires the know-how and manual skills required for day-to-day operation and ordinary maintenance tasks performance (e.g. periodic filter cleaning) in full autonomy. Zuccato Energia can however, at the client's request, organize further training courses to bring new staff up to date.

Custom maintenance plans:

designed together with the client, they may include a mix of all of the above or include/exclude some elements.

The Importance of Remote Maintenance

All of Zuccato Energia's ORC modules are equipped with an integral te­le­con­trol and te­le­dia­gno­stic systems that gives both the client and - if necessary - our technicians full remote control of the ORC system, making it possible to perform preventive maintenance (i.e. spare parts substitution before the part actually fails). The client may also delegate full plant operation and supervision to Zuccato Energia in exchange for an annual payment, thus having the certainty of continued efficiency and qualified supervision.