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ULH-Series ORC power generation modules

The ideal solution for small-scale heat recovery

Designed using the most advanced technologies, the ULH-Series ORC power generation modules by Zuccato Energia are a compact, high-performance solution to exploit low temperature heat sources. Available in a range of power outputs from 30 to 100 kWE, they find their optimal application in fields such as heat recovery from engines, gasifiers and other industrial processes, as well as a primary power generation system in the exploitation of geothermal heat and concentration-type thermal solar systems.


Heat Recovery from Engines

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Heat Recovery From Industrial Processes

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Geothermal Heat

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Thermodynamic Solar Power

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Technical Specifications

General Specifications ZE-30-ULH ZE-40-ULH ZE-50-ULH ZE-100-ULH
Thermal power input 350kWT 450kWT 550 kWT 1200 kWT
Electric power output 30 kWE 40 kWE 50 kWE 100 kWE
System efficiency 8.50% 8.90% 9.10% 8.30%
Vector fluid
Hot water
Vector fluid input temperature ≥94 °C ≥95 °C
Vector fluid output temperature 86°C 85 °C
Vector fluid nominal flowrate 10,20 kg/s 13,40 kg/s 16,42 kg/s 28,50 kg/s
Working fluid
Environment-friendly HFC mix
Skid dimensions (l x w x h) 3,3 x 1,35 x 2,5 m 4.0 x 1.35 x 2.50 m 5,5 x 2,5 x 3,2 m
Weight (incl. working fluid) ~ 3100 Kg 4500 Kg 6500 Kg


Leaflets and data sheets of our series systems are available. You can download them by clicking on the buttons below.

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