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Energy balance audit

The first step is usually an up-to-date energy balance audit in which current power consumptions and production needs are evaluated and the future production needs estimated.

Final plant sizing

Once the former data has been acquired, it is time for final plant sizing which includes finding the best locations for the skid-mounted ORC power generation module, the boiler and fuel storage area (if any), and all accessory systems (e.g. cooling towers/dry coolers).

Assembled and installed

Once the project has been approved and the order received, the ORC power generation module is then assembled and installed by Zuccato Energia technicians in Zuccato Energia's internal test area under the supervision of the same engineers who designed it.

Maintenance plans and contracts

Zuccato Energia remains at the client's side even after the plant is fully operational thanks to a range of maintenance plans and contracts which range from ordinary to full-service, which take advantage of the remote monitoring and diagnostic integrated in every plant.

Fuel specifications evaluation

The next step, in the case of primary power generation plants, is then a fuel specifications evaluation where the raw fuel (usually biomass) is chemically analyzed together with its combustion products, flue gases and ashes.

Business plan

A business plan is then created, detailing the entity of the required investment, its ROI and payback times; where required, Zuccato Energia may also put the client in contact the client with one of its partner E.S.Co.s or other financial entities interested in financing the construction of the new plant.

Extensive testing and tuning

In the test area, the ORC module undergoes extensive testing and tuning in simulated working conditions as close as possible to those it will find once installed on the client's premises. The client and its consultants may be present during the test, if they want to.

Technology integration paths

Then, all possible technology integration paths between old and new plants are evaluated, to find the most advantageous path both from a logistic and economical standpoint for the newly generated electric and thermal enegy flows.

Operative projects and final approval

The operative projects for the whole plant (the so-called plant layouts) are then submitted to the attention of the Client and its eventual consultants for final approval.

Packaged and shipped to the installation location

Once it has been verified to everybody's satisfaction that the plant is up to specifications, it is packaged and shipped to the installation location where the Zuccato Energia technical crew - with the help of local personnel if required - will perform the final installation, start-up and commissioning.