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Zuccato Energia

We transform energy

Clean electricity from unused power

We transform unused and wasted power into clean electricity

Zuccato Energia designs and manufactures ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) systems to transform the heat generated by industrial processes, motors and renewable sources into clean electricity with high efficiency. As an extension of our product portfolio, we offer pressure-reducing and regulating turboexpanders for gases. These are installed parallel to the usual pressure reducers and extract the energy from the reduction of the overpressure.


Reduce costs

The recovery of energy waste allows you to obtain electricity at very low cost.

Increase efficiency

By reusing waste energy you increase your plant’s efficiency and your firm’s competitivity.

Decrease your environmental footprint

Our systems produce electricity cleanly, without CO2 emissions.


Our Services

Highly customized solutions

Highly customized solutions

Feasibility study

Technical design
and customization

Plant manufacture

Plan start-up
and initial setup

Post-sales assistance


Test Area

Our products are factory tested before delivery

Presentation in the test area

High efficiency

All of our systems are designed to provide high efficiency.


Amongst other safety features, Zuccato Energia’s ORC systems use plain water as a vector fluid, ensuring high safety standards.

Ease of use

Our systems are easy to use and require no specific technical competences.


We create our systems starting from a project defined together with the client, tailoring them to your needs.


Our systems ensure excellent performances even under partial load.


24/7 remote monitoring capability enables you to have the working parameters of your module always under control.