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ORC system for recover engine thermal waste

Heat recovery from engines’ thermal waste


The heat sources available in engines are two: exhaust gas and cooling jackets.

  • Exhaust gases: high temperature
  • Cooling jackets: low temperature


It is possible recover the exhaust gas with a heat exchanger while the cooling jackets can be directly exploit in the form of water.




Exploit both the thermal sources
Thanks to the arrangement of the machine components, it is possible to recover heat from both sources. In this way we have greater efficiency with a greater result in terms of electricity.

It lowers the consumption of the engine’s Dry Cooler
By placing an exchanger downstream of the engine dry cooler, the water that must return to the cooling jackets is first cooled by our heat exchanger. In this way, the dry cooler of the motor requires less power of action.

Better payback by installing only one machine
By installing just one machine, you have a better return on investment than buying two units. There are also advantages in terms of maintenance and component purchase costs.