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Eco-sustainability of ORC systems

The fight against climate change represents today one of the main challenges for society and business. We, therefore, believe that attention to the environment is a founding vision for every activity. We as a company are committed from the outset to eco-sustainability by designing and installing systems for recovery and conversion of otherwise wasted heat. 


With ORC technology it is possible to obtain an always clean and constant source of electricity that protects the environment. Furthermore, the accuracy in the smallest design and compositional details allows our machines to be green at every stage of construction and in the exercise of their function. 


Zuccato Energia systems have an impeccable eco – friendly component: 



1. They recover otherwise wasted resources, such as residual heat and processing waste, or simplify the exploitation of renewable solar and geothermal resources. 


Our projects are divided according to their purpose: heat recovery from industrial processes or engines and the primary production of electricity from biomass, solar thermodynamic, or geothermal. 



2. The plants are built with recyclable and eco-sustainable materials. 


All plants are built with recyclable and eco-sustainable materials, using a minimum of plastic parts and without using toxic substances in their construction such as stainless steel and carbon steel. 



3. Use of water as a thermal transfer fluid. 


The carrier fluid is the liquid used to convey heat from the source to the ORC module, where that heat is used to evaporate the working fluid. We have chosen to use plain water as a carrier fluid instead of the diathermic oil used elsewhere, slightly more efficient in the thermal transfer but much more dangerous as it is flammable and highly polluting in the event of leaks. The carrier fluid is therefore very normal hot water at 94 °C. 



4. Environmentally friendly working fluid. 


The special working fluid used is a special azeotropic mixture of environmentally friendly hydrofluorocarbons and is the key component of Zuccato Energia plants. This fluid has excellent characteristics: 


• Wide working range that allows exploiting sources previously considered unusable; 

• Completely “ozone-friendly”, organic, and non-toxic, for full eco-compatibility and greater safety (accidental leaks are not harmful). 


Also, thanks to the closed-cycle operation of this fluid, there is no water or steam consumption and the system is, therefore, economical to manage as well as simpler and more compact.