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175-kWE Biomass-fueled ORC plant

This plant has been designed for primary electric power generation and gets its thermal energy from a boiler fueled by chipped wood, which in turn is obtained as a byproduct of tree pruning. The whole plant is protected inside a large (265m2), closed, purpose-built room. This large open space hosts the ORC module, the biomass boiler that feeds its hot side, the biomass storage area and the biomass loading systems as well as the power grid interface panels and another small boiler used for other purposes and not connected to the ORC module.

The ORC module used in this installation is a standard ZE-175-LT ORC Module  which can output, in nominal conditions, up to 175 kWE of electric power when fed 1280 kWT of thermal power by the boiler through an overheated water loop at 160°C.

Condensation stage cooling is achieved instead by a cooling tower located outside the building.


175-kWE Biomass-fueled ORC plant

ORC Module label; ?>
standard ZE-175-LT
Power generation from biomass name; ?>
Thermal power input
1280 kWT name; ?>
Electric power output label; ?>
175 kWE
Hot Side
Boiler fueled by tree pruning residues
Cold Side label; ?>
Evaporative Cooling Tower name; ?>