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Korea 01 – 2018


1 x customized ZE-40-ULH LT-ORC module, nominal output 30kWE, peak output 40kWE, max η= 9%

Nominal output:



Heat recovery from engines (Heavy fuel diesel gensets)


South Korea


Private Korean Firm

This plant – our first installation in the Far East – is located in the main hamlet of a small island located in the Yellow Sea off the southeastern shore of South Korea. This small island, occupying less than 20 km2, is home to about 3000 persons who rely for their electricity on a local power station based on eight large diesel gensets.

A Korean private firm has received from the plant owner (KEPCO) the task to increase plant efficiency. To do so it asked us to manufacture a 30-kWE nominal output Low-Temperature Organic Rankine Cycle Module with a peak output power of 40 kWE and maximum efficiency of 9% designed to operate by recovering the heat from the 1-MW diesel engine operating one of the gensets according to their specifications.


The plant – a self-contained module in open-frame, non-containerized configuration – has been located under a little awning off the main entrance to the generator room, and has been interfaced with generator #8 through a heat exchanger placed in the exhaust chimney.

The compact size of the plant has simplified shipping, while its remote interface with the Internet for control, monitoring and diagnostics has made it possible for our technicians to give real-time assistance to their colleagues performing plant start-up nearly 9000 km away.